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We are a society of passionate supporters of Beechworth's heritage both built and intangible.

We want to see heritage tourism as one of the mainstays of tourism for the town.

 Beechworth is described as one of Australia's best preserved Gold Towns.

We believe that our town deserves greater recognition as one of the world's best preserved towns of the Gold Rush period in California, USA and Victoria, Australia

Our group of heritage-passionate community members comprises of business operators, professionals, community volunteers and history buffs.

We collect information on current issues affecting our heritage

and meet regularly to recognise/identify heritage issues, and to formalise and activate strategies relevant to the wellbeing of our town.

 We address these issues with letters, meetings and social media.

Our history in Beechworth and Indigo Shire is unique, intact and sits on the world stage for authenticity of a Colonial Gold Rush Town.

We as custodians of this valuable heritage must look after it for future generations.

Your support for our goals is highly valued and appreciated.


Please note:

The Beechworth History and Heritage Society do not hold records. We do not undertake research for other individuals or organisations.  

For research purposes contact:

The Burke Museum


(03) 5728 8067

Join Us

We are always on the lookout for more members 


16 Camp Street


 VIC 3747

Tel: 0428 573 519

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