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Wonderful news.....

The heritage tourist sign was finally erected on the Hume freeway.

Thanks to Chamber of Commerce,

Beechworth Heritage and History Society,

Indigo Shire Council and Vic Roads.


The original diagrammatic sign was removed five years ago, and Chamber and BHHS have been pushing to get a replacement. Success!

                                                                            Indigo Shire Request List

  1. Indigo Shire is first and foremost a ‘Heritage Shire’ reflecting the unique and significant character of our Towns and district. A charter be adopted which accommodates a dedicated Heritage and Cultural Officer; a Councillor allotted a similar portfolio and an Information Handbook for new Indigo Shire Council employees’ reference and training.

  2. Heritage recognition through application for all tiers of government registration; State, Federal and World UNESCO registration for Gold Rush history.

  3. Indigo Shire entry signage and trademark logo.Create new shire town entry signs to showcase the heritage and lifestyle of our shire. Trademark our shire with a new logo exemplifying our unique heritage origins.

  4. Heritage signage on the Hume freeway, north and southbound.

  5. Install information plaques on all significant buildings and sites.  Develop a brochure which takes you on a walking tour of each site.

  6. Replace power lines from Ford and Camp Streets CBD with underground power lines.

  7. All future CBD infrastructure (lamp poles, signage, guttering etc.) to be of heritage-sympathetic design to blend with the existing heritage character.

  8. Restore the Town Hall council chambers to a usable community meeting space.

  9. Review the database of all significant buildings and sites, with their history documented and catalogued.

  10. Develop a portfolio of interests for the Australian National Heritage Week including opening public buildings, homes and gardens.

  11. Support for a major Heritage Festival, incorporating Gold Rush, Ned Kelly, Celtic and Lost Trades.

  12. Continue to build a working relationship with Beechworth Corrections for the maintenance and improvement of our town.

  13. Reinstate the community advisory committees to liaise with ISC on relevant issues.

  14. Liaise with Parks Victoria to ensure the reopening & maintenance of walking tracks and historic mine sites etc.                                                                                                BHHS

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